By formal definition, a bot is a software that runs automated tasks over the internet. If you can set it and forget it, it’s likely a bot. 


You can get a bot to send you funny jokes, to coach you around your health, or to book a flight through Kayak.

A Facebook Messenger Bot gets you more qualified LEADS and Sales.

Messenger bots interact with your leads and potential customers in a sequence set up like natural conversation - where THEY tell you when and how they want to be presented with your offer.

Already have a marketing funnel (lead magnets, videos and all)? Plug them into a bot sequence and your leads can start interacting through a Facebook Post or Ad. 
Have people signed up for your webinar and you want to increase attendance?
Send reminders with the view link and get more people on with you LIVE than through email. 

Still not sure if you need a bot?

The Facebook Messenger platform connects you to over 1.2 billion people (Facebook Users) each month. And 53% of those people say there are more likely to do business with a company they can message.*

Which means that your people are waiting for you. 

You talk to everyone through some kind of messenger platform (text, whatsapp, FB messenger), why not your customers? 


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