We are a bot education company that helps entrepreneurs build Facebook Messenger bots so they can generate more qualified leads and sales.


Our goal is to improve the way entrepreneurs communicate and engage with their audiences online - and significantly reduce the “tech stress + overwhelm” you might experience trying to deploy Facebook Messenger Bots on your own.

Our commonality in running separate businesses before being a part of Bots for Business means we know what it’s like to try to do everything on your own - or delegate it out to contractors or team members who let you down. We understand where communications break down, systems fail - and that you want to find the pockets of time of your life you can have back.


Let's have a little fun ;) 
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Katya Sarmiento

Founder + CEO

Kennesaw, Georgia

In Bots for Business, Kat calls the shots and keeps things in check for the team and customers, especially when it comes to systems & operations (her passion). She also runs Reach and Make Millions where she helps 6-figure entrepreneurs scale up to 7-figures. Outside of business, she spends her time traveling, watching game of thrones, listening to EDM music or playing piano, and obsessing over hand lettering and foster kittens.

Scott Oldford

Founder + Business Development

Toronto, Canada

Scott is the "wolf at a computer" over at Bots for Business. His genius goes into experimenting, coming up with ideas to develop the business, and getting partners for Bots for Business.  Otherwise, Scott's main focus is INFINITUS - his marketing eLearning company for entrepreneurs who are looking to implement relevant online marketing into their business. His signature program is Leadcraft which helps entrepreneurs implement a lead gen funnel.

Rachael Lowe

Community + Customer Success

Toronto, Canada

Rachael takes care of our peeps! From future customers with questions about what we do, current clients who need help putting together their DFY Bots, and Affiliate Partners wanting to team up with us - Rachael's the one you want to talk to. When she's not heads down in ManyChat, she's probably exploring new restaurants in Toronto, reading a good book, or planning her next international travel excursion.  


Emma BG


Nottingham, United Kingdom

In Bots for Business, Emma handles all the behind-the-scenes tech and tools. When she's not troubleshooting tech for Bots for Business, she's working with her Virtual Assistant clients over at Emma Buckley Virtual Assistant where she loves to work with busy business owners who need an extra hand to bring their ideas to life. When she's not working, she's probably binge watching trashy tv with her wife or walking by the river!

Meghan Maydel

Chief Marketing Officer

East Nashville, Tennessee

Meghan is the marketing (evil) genius behind everything Bots for Business. She also runs her digital marketing agency, MaydelMedia—a digital marketing agency for entrepreneurs who are ready to bring real consistency to their clients & cash flow... w/o adding another to-do to their list. When she’s not scheming up new marketing ideas, you can find her counting down the days until Halloween or drinking the best hipster coffee in Nashville.

Mark Firth


Bogota, Colombia

Let's put it this way... Mark is the one that gets on the phone and makes sure you understand the TRUE results of making a bot for your business (AKA he sells). When he's not on the phone, he's doing Sales Training for people who whose funnel ends with a live call (Check out his website FiveFigureClients to learn more). He also loves traveling around his adopted home, Colombia, reading about psychology and of course spending time with his family.

Here’s what we value:

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CURIOSITY - We stay open to new ideas (+ tech) and try to learn as much as possible about it as we explore.

INNOVATION - We’re constantly finding + trying new and better ways to do what we’re already doing.

SIMPLICITY - There’s no need to complicate shit. We have systems and structures. We pride ourselves on breaking down complex ideas into steps for clients so that it’s do-able.

FREEDOM - What we do creates freedom (financial, creative, business, etc) rather than restriction. In systemizing, there is freedom.  

PERSISTENCE - We keep trying and never give up, because we’ll find a way to make it work. We’re not too proud to ask for help or a second opinion to make sure we deliver the best.