How to use Bots w/ Email Marketing to maximize Webinar Show Up + Sales

If you use webinars (or are planning to run your first webinar) to sell people into your programs - or schedule a strategy call with you - first, you need to get them to actually SHOW up, right?

Because the more people you have show up, the more people join your offering, and the more you get paid at the end of the day.

But getting people to attend can often be really difficult - considering how many people run webinars now. There are tons of people who sign up, miss the live webinar, and figure they’ll just catch the replay later on.

Problem is, people who wait and watch for replays of webinars typically take more time to buy, if they EVER buy in the first place.  

Today we’re going to break down how to combine your messenger bots with Webinars, which includes:

  1. How to get more people to SIGN UP for the webinar

  2. How to get more people SHOW UP

  3. How to get more people to BUY

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be great at being a presenter to have a kickass webinar and have it convert. Engagement is really what’s important here, and this is where your messenger bot can help.

STEP 1: How to get more signups for your webinar with your bot:

There are a few ways to invite people to your webinar. The two most common right now are:

  • Facebook Ads

  • Direct Email List Invite

With email, we know open rates are typically 15-20%.

Then 2-3% of those opens actually sign up for the webinar.

Meaning, of the 1,000 people on your email list, 20-30 of those will actually sign up.

With a bot we’re seeing open + engagement rates upwards of 30%, meaning you can send out to the exact same 1000 people and instead got 200-300 people to sign up.

There’s just one small problem. Sending some random person who doesn’t already know/like/trust you a Facebook message and getting them to actually commit and follow through, is tough—unless they already know you and you’re re-targeting them in some way. Otherwise, you have to use your own personal brand or have relatively warm leads to get enrollment.

To avoid this small problem, we suggest inviting your lead to your webinar on the THANK YOU Page of your lead magnet opt-in. This is where the bot will come in:

  1. Guide -> Webinar

Instead of running an ad straight to your webinar, you want leads to get to know you a bit first—you know, warm them up—which means you’ll be sending them to a guide or lead magnet of some sort instead.

You’ll structure it so someone signs up for your lead magnet, and then on the thank you page they’re going to be invited the webinar.

You can easily create a button that looks like this:

Button image for blog.png


2) Webinar Sign Up -> Bot

Add a button (like the red one above) to your thank you page for your WEBINAR Registration to allow those who downloaded your guide to become subscribed to your Bot.

Once they approve, this is where you leverage a show up sequence, that has over an 80% open rate.

You kick it off with an extra incentive.

The incentive to sign up for the bot?

Bonus content that gives someone that special upgraded feeling.

“We’re going to deliver some really cool extra content for you.” Or an additional training or pdf guide, for example  

This way, you know you have the highest engaged people - the people who are OKAY with you being in their FB Messenger and are eager to learn more.

And since you’re reaching more people with your guide and the bot, you’ll be getting MORE people show up on the webinar.

Step 2: The Email + Bot Combo Sequence to get people to show up

To get people to show up and buy, a lot has to happen from a mindset perspective.

You’ll be using EMAIL Marketing to warm up your new leads and show them who you are, further building your know/like/trust factor and then partner this with your MESSENGER BOT to get people direct links to your webinar and show up.

This is like the PB+J to the perfect webinar sandwich. You need both for the best result :-P

What to include in the email:

1) Intro your process/methodology that defines the uniqueness you have in the marketplace. What’s your secret sauce?

2) Show them you’re an authority in the marketplace. Send a video, blog, or podcast episode or two of you. Have some printed stuff in publications of authority? Even better, send those.

3) What’s in it for THEM? Remember, the person who goes through this entire sequence is the person more likely to buy. So what results are they going to see working with you.

Use email marketing to do THIS process. Typically, you start promoting a webinar 5 or so days before it happens, so fill those days with this content.

How to set up your BOT:

While the above email sequence is happening, use your bot to remind people they signed up for your webinar, and how they can join you :)

We’ve tested this out, and we had 25% of people who signed up show up using email.

When we used the bot - 63% of people actually showed up. No brainer, right?

So what messages do you send?

There’s 3 in total. Easy peasy:

  1. Message the day before the webinar - “We’re starting at XX EST tomorrow! I’ll send you a message in the morning with the access link.”

  2. The day of the webinar - “It’s TODAY! Join us here.” (Include the link on a BUTTON so you can tag + track those who clicked on the button for sales reminders)

  3. 1 Hour before the webinar - “We’re starting soon! Are you coming?” (Again, Include the link on a BUTTON so you can tag + track those who clicked on the button for sales reminders) You can also give the option here for them to say they’re no longer interested, taking them off the sales reminders and giving them “control” of the conversation.

Worried about coming off as spammy? If you do this in the right way it doesn’t come across as annoying, you’re simply walking people through an experience.

Step 3: How to follow up + get sales after your webinar

Your bot isn’t done just because the webinar has ended. After the webinar, there’s a couple of cool things you can still do with your bot to encourage sales.

Here are the broadcast messages we recommend you send:

  1. Replay Message.

When to send this: as soon as the webinars done.
Sample Message: “Hey! We just had an awesome time on the training. The replay is going to be up for XX days. Do you want to check it out?

2) Sale + Bonus Announcement

When to send this: Next day.
Sample Message: “Hey, our enrollment is open! And because you’re signed up through this messenger bot, the next 5 people who sign up through the bot get X (bonus training, discount, etc). Want to check out the details?”

3) Testimonial/case study

When to send this: The following day (after message #2)
Sample Message: “I wanted to show you this example of how Cindy was able to increase her business by 3x using what we shared in the training the other day. And hey just in case, here’s the link to the replay again.”

4)  Closing Message

When to send this: Day before or day of closing
Sample Message: Hey NAME, we’re closing enrollment soon and I wanted to check in - did you have any questions?

5) OPTIONAL: Last chance Message

When to send this: A few hours before closing
Sample Message: Alright, this is it. We’re closing at XXpm. Are you thinking about joining us?

These messages are where natural language sequencing comes in.

Natural Language Sequencing is the set up of your messages in a sequence that feels like an everyday, natural conversation you'd have with a friend over Facebook Messenger or text. 

You want to give people OPTIONS. 

Would you be mad at your friend for not wanting some link you sent them? Well, maybe - but let's assume you're really good friends and you love each other, so it's okay for them to say no ;)

You want to make sure you’re asking questions for permission to send your leads content and information through their Facebook Bot.

Messenger is sacred space.

For Example:
“Hey Paul, did you watch the replay?”
Button Clicked: Yes ->> "Great! What'd you think? Do you want to check out the program?"
Button Clicked: No ->> "Cool! No worries. What's up, mind telling me what happened so we can give you the info you really need?"

This allows you to craft a smooth and—most importantly—not spammy experience.

Instead of pushing the offer on them, you’re allowing them to CHOOSE to get your content (segment themselves and qualify themselves).

That’s what we all want, right? To choose what we choose.

Ready to start seeing higher attendance, higher conversions, and higher returns on your investment? Follow this process step-by-step and you’re all set.