How to Set Up Your Messenger Bot Funnel (the right way)

If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, or you help other businesses, you’re always trying to get more people to buy from you.

And one of the biggest issues is trying to get QUALIFIED leads and get people’s attention.

Messenger Bots can help.

What’s a messenger bot?

Facebook Messenger Bots allow us to help leads, readers, and new potential customers engage with us directly inside of Facebook.

By sending a message and asking them questions to encourage interaction and response, we have a far better chance of grabbing their attention and keeping it - since they’re on Facebook anyway ;)

If we’re being relevant to these leads and we’re asking the right questions, we’re able to better qualify them and be sure that once they get to our offer, their the perfect fit.

What does it mean to be better qualified?

Having a qualified lead means we can give them an offer that’s actually EXCITING to them and contains information they want - whether it’s a free lead magnet or another piece of content like a video or a quiz.

That’s it! Those are the basics of what a messenger bot IS…

But putting a Messenger Bot out into the world without having a designed experience doesn’t make sense to the leads you’re interacting with or for YOU - because there’s no goal in sight.  

That’s why it’s important to learn...

The Format Of A Successful Messenger Bot Funnel

Maximizing your messenger bot means taking your new lead on a journey.

In the beginning…

Messenger Bot Funnels start by giving someone a piece of content like we talked about above. Something that’s actually going to be valuable to them and attract them to you.

In online marketing land, this is what we traditionally call a Lead Magnet. (Get it?! Magnets attract things and stuff - so you’re attracting a lead! AMAZING! :-P)


Most of the time, we see Lead Magnets as a 4-5 page guide that allow us to start interacting with someone with very low commitment (they can digest it quickly and learn fast if they care about what you’re teaching).

When someone opts-in, the Lead Magnet is delivered through the bot.


From that commitment, you want to escalate the content that shows more value and they can decide how relevant we are to them.  

Step 2 in the Funnel…

Once your lead has received that Lead Magnet content, you want to ask them some questions through the bot to see if they’re interested in your NEXT piece of engagement content - which further solidifies whether they’re your perfect customer or not.

This step moves the lead from seeing if your content is relevant to them, to helping them discover if there’s a problem or pain they’re dealing with that you have a specific solution for.

This could look like a 7-Day Challenge, a video series, a video, or a longer ebook.

Typically something that’s about 10-30 minutes long and allows your lead to understand and internalize what their pain is, what this problem is, and a glimpse at your method to fix it.

Making the offer

The final piece of the Messenger Bot Marketing Funnel is being able to get the lead you’re messaging with to your conversion method.

This is the moment where they’re able to decide if they want to take the next step and work with you.

We’re able to take them to a page where they’ll sign up for a webinar, strategy call, or be lead to your sales page.

Why take all these steps?

Following this format for a Messenger Bot Funnel is essentially going to allow you to know whether someone knows, likes, and trusts you.

You’ll be able to access information from them from a mindset perspective - and through asking the right questions you’ll know whether they’re open to working with you or not.

And if not, you have the opportunity to ask them “why not?” in a way they’re comfortable with.

Replying to a window on your phone that’s already open vs. replying to an email is a no-brainer.

How we know this will bring you more sales.

The open rates inside Facebook Messenger are 80-90%. Click through rates (the # of people who ENGAGE with your message and click vs. just open) are 7-10x higher than that of email.

Assuming you have a good webinar, sales page, or you’re good on the phone - this is going to exponentially help you have leads who are more qualified on your sales calls and webinars.

Which means more sales, generating more PROFIT and bottom line revenue.

As business owners, that’s truly what you want to do, right?

The bottom line

If you’re not utilizing Facebook Messenger Bots, you’re obviously missing out.

You want to have a Messenger Bot Funnel that allows you to engage people where they’re at, build their trust, and grow your profit and bottom line rapidly.