10 questions to ask before you build a Messenger Bot Funnel

Hey Wait! Don’t know what a Messenger Bot or a Messenger Bot Funnel is?

Read about that here first.

Now, for this breakdown, we’re going Quiz Style to help you understand whether a FB Messenger bot is right for your business.

Whether you already have a marketing funnel...

Or there’s no funnel in existence (yet) -

We’ll show you the way.

Let’s get started...

Do you really need a bot?

Do you need to generate more leads for your business and generate more sales?

That seems kind of like a silly question, but seriously. Is that your goal for your business right now?

Do you already have a marketing funnel?

Awesome! Check out the fundamentals of setting up a bot with your marketing funnel here.

Or see some of our customers funnels in action through their bots here.

Don’t have a marketing funnel?

If you don’t have a marketing funnel - messenger bots are a great and inexpensive way to develop a funnel that doesn’t involve all the back end stuff that email-based funnel would.

So, you build a funnel, and in less time!

You’ll need to create some content for Lead Magnets to fill it and engage your leads, so keep in mind that that will take some extra time.

Do you have a business and how does it generate leads?

Do you have a business that has services or products and makes sales? If yes, Messenger Bots are a great tool.

If you’re not that far yet, come back when you’re ready. Seriously, your energy will be much better focused on building other areas of your business.

If you’re generating leads right now via referrals and networking - a messenger bot funnel will help you automate

If you have a funnel that’s already automated - a messenger bot will help you better qualify, so that when you make the offer to your webinar, sales conversation, or take leads to a sales page, you’ll know they’re in a place to buy.

Are your customers on FB?

Well, we’re going to answer this one for you.

There’s over 2 billion people on Facebook...

and  1.2 billion on Facebook Messenger.

It’s very unlikely that your customers aren’t on there - even if they’re not as frequent a user as you.

Do you have an offer people WANT that has been tested?

If you don’t have an offer or a webinar or offer that has been tested on some level and proven to convert, then a Messenger Bot is probably not going to be able to generate you revenue right away.

Essentially, you’ll be testing the offer through the Bot, which is okay - but there are many other factors that you’d need to consider in your funnel or pitch before you blame the bot ;)

This is something important to be aware of.

If you HAVE a successful offer - the Messenger Bot is going to bring you MORE people in a qualified way, so the conversion happens even faster and even more smoothly.

Do you have the CAPACITY to grow your business?

If email is 15% open rate and messenger bots are 85% open rate, you’re going to have a lot more calls.

Do you have the capacity to handle that? Do you WANT to?

Are you willing to invest in the software and driving traffic?

Developing a messenger bot and setting up is fairly inexpensive. The ManyChat platform has a small monthly fee based on your subscribers.

And further from that, do you have the money to drive traffic to the funnel via Facebook Ads or other methods like boosted posts so that you can actually bring in the leads?

To keep you from burning money with ads and your subscription, it’s critical that you understand how to build and deploy your bot right the first time.

Do you have the money + time to make the investment to learn how to deploy the right way?

Will this just be a distraction?

There are lots of shiny objects and trends and things you could be doing in your business.

Is this really where you should spend your time?

You can implement a messenger bot within 7 days if you really sit down and do the estimated 10 hours of work.

Look at the time invested vs ROI depending on the price point of your offer.

That’s a low investment for a high ROI!

Alright, so is a Messenger Bot for you?

It’s really up to you if a messenger bot is for you.

We believe it’s one of the best decisions you could make if you have leads coming in and an offer that you’re proud of.

Why not give it a shot?