How to use Bots w/ Email Marketing to maximize Webinar Show Up + Sales

If you use webinars (or are planning to run your first webinar) to sell people into your programs - or schedule a strategy call with you - first, you need to get them to actually SHOW up, right?

Because the more people you have show up, the more people join your offering, and the more you get paid at the end of the day.

But getting people to attend can often be really difficult - considering how many people run webinars now. There are tons of people who sign up, miss the live webinar, and figure they’ll just catch the replay later on.

Problem is, people who wait and watch for replays of webinars typically take more time to buy, if they EVER buy in the first place.  

Today we’re going to break down how to combine your messenger bots with Webinars, which includes:

6 Discoveries from using Messenger Bots in the Last 6 Months (and spending a LOT to do so)

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Will this trend stay forever?