The bots have risen!
And you might just be left behind.


Over the past couple of years, technology has progressed at a rate that we’ve never seen before.

As a business, you have the ability to capitalize on this technology for generating leads and closing sales in the most 1-to-many intimate approach ever seen. 

From the marketing and lead generation genius of Scott Oldford and the technology + implementation brilliance from Katya Sarmiento comes an easy to use solution for deploying bots for businesses that allow you to generate affordable leads and close sales, automatically. 

If you’re a business that’s looking for more customers and clients and want to be relevant in your marketplace, this is a cutting-edge opportunity of a lifetime. 


Just like those who were on Facebook first
Those who used Email Marketing first
Those who used Websites first

The first-comer advantage is massive. 
And the beauty? 

Not only is this affordable, quick and easy…
You barely need to lift a finger. 

Ready to be part of the rise of the bots? 
At Bots for Business, we are. 

Do you want to….




Here's A little about us

Hey, I’m Scott.

I help Entrepreneurs scale using effective Online Lead Generation, I wrote my first lines of code when I was 8 years old and have always be fascinated by technology. At the moment, we are seeing a gigantic shift in Lead Generation for small business owners, we are in a time where we are able to give a personalized, relevant experience.

Messenger Bots allow us to do this even better. See, I believe that being relevant… IS marketing and any tool or system that allows us to do this in an effective way allows us to grow our business significantly.

It’s why I partnered up with Katya to bring bots to every business. Regardless if it’s our course or our done-for-you solution, you need a bot inside of your business. The future of lead generation is here and it’s waiting for you.


Hey there, I’m Katya.

I’ll systemize anything -- you name it.

That makes me an Entrepreneur's best friend. Operations, Technology and Processes is what allows for Entrepreneurs to create true businesses.

I’ve used this superpower to help Entrepreneurs, like you, implement effective Lead Generation by systemizing your ability to automatically bring new customers to your doorsteps. In the realm of Bots, I help build systematic experiences that allow you to qualify, engage and interact with your leads in a 1-to-many way, that feels like a 1-to-1 experience.

Combined with Scott’s marketing and sales genius, this allows you to grow your business in a sustainable and scalable way, giving you new found power adding revenue and profit to your bottom-line.